Don't Know What It Is.

You can change it
anyway you want,
you can rearrange it.

don't know what it is.
Van Morrison


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stay in the moment

Stay In The Moment – Be Mindful

By Craig Daniels | Dec 2, 2018

From morning to night distractions surround us, and not quietly like a book on a shelf but with a piercing siren call promising something better, something warmer or something more loving awaiting on the next block, one flight up or a phone call away. The imagined  call promises us relief from our suffering. The call, …

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be aware of your thoughts

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

By Craig Daniels | Nov 15, 2018

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening. Lisa M Hayes I often find myself deeply in conversation with myself seemingly unaware of what’s transpiring in my mind. At times I’ll be walking down a flight of stairs when I become conscious of two things. The first is that I’m caught …

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motion in a moment

Motion In A Moment

By Craig Daniels | Oct 16, 2018

In the mid 1980’s I managed a catering – wholesale foods operation which gave me the opportunity to reinvent everything. I researched the competition from the Canadian border to NYC looking for trends and new thinking, I spent time wondering, pondering and brainstorming with abandon. Some of my mad stirring of the pot paid off, …

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sitting in meditation

Oh My! How Do I Sit In Meditation And Watch My Breath

By Craig Daniels | Aug 18, 2018

Introduction To Watch My Breath Often those new to mindfulness practice find themselves a bit confused upon receiving the instruction to watch your breath. Frequently I’ve heard people exclaim, “Watch My Breath?” And then rather sheepishly add a follow up, “How?” How indeed. Is watching your breath an act of concentration, attention, focus or is …

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mindfulness header

Mindfulness Roadmap 12 Guideposts To Illuminate Your Journey

By Craig Daniels | Jul 31, 2018

“The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe” Frank Zappa A Mindfulness Roadmap For Breakfast Each morning I create (construct) a large salad for breakfast with a base of kale, mushrooms and delicious tomatoes. Of course I pick and choose a myriad of other items to complete it, and top it off with some type …

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unblocking creativity

Unblocking Creativity – Engage Your Active Side

By Craig Daniels | Jul 21, 2018

  Within the chorus of David Bowie’s Changes, he sings “time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” When we first hear this familiar part it may seem nonsensical. It may make as much sense as a Zen Koan, but look at it for a moment and turn it over in your mind. If …

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bicycling into mindfulness

Bicycling Into Mindfulness – An Alternative Practice ?

By Craig Daniels | Jul 18, 2018

I first learned about meditation and mindfulness in college and while it sounded interesting I didn’t formally engage in a meditation practice for another 20 years. But in hindsight I now realize I very much became a practitioner of being in the moment and mindfulness when I took up daily bicycle riding, years before I …

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mindful meditation

Mindful Meditation Opens Doors In Life

By Craig Daniels | Jul 17, 2018

  This Mindful Meditation we see and hear about nearly everyday in blog posts, scattered across social media and inking its way across print media is much simpler to understand and to do than you may think.

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focus in the moment

Focus Opens Opportunity

By Craig Daniels | Jul 17, 2018

    Our mind rides on a stream of thoughts and emotions seemingly manufactured endlessly, and given that each of us creates in the neighborhood of 60,000+ thoughts each and everyday, endless may be an understatement.

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