Don't Know What It Is.

You can change it
anyway you want,
you can rearrange it.

don't know what it is.
Van Morrison


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mindfulness changes everything

Mindfulness Changes Everything In Business

By Craig Daniels | Jul 17, 2018

  2017 was the tipping point where the weight of evidence clearly tilted in the direction of business leaders believing Mindfulness Changes Everything in business. 2018 in all probability will expand the global acceptance of McMindfulness but also the realization that there are many deeper levels of mindfulness to be explored.

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distractions to mindfulness practice

8 Obstacles Distracting You From Mindfulness Practice

By Craig Daniels | Jul 16, 2018

Move Your Mindfulness Practice Beyond These Distractions Seemingly out of nowhere obstacles appear, distractions materialize, reasons develop, barriers are constructed, walls erected and excuses concocted, but these hindrances to your mindfulness practice didn’t appear out of nowhere. Each of the monkey-wrenches listed above block our good intentions to spend time in mindfulness practice. And can dim …

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